We have been working professionally within the equestrian sport since 1998.

Our History

Equi Innovation Sweden AB (EIS) was founded by Patrick and Ingela Jacobsen, two passionate trailblazers in the equestrian world with over two decades of professional experience. Their journey began in 1998 with breeding Warmbloods and a special focus on dressage, which later expanded to the opening of their own equestrian retail store in 2000 on their farm.

In 2007, Patrick and Ingela took a significant step forward by starting to import and develop their own line of equine products, marking the beginning of a new era in their business.

n 2023, we launched Equestrian Innovation Sweden (EIS) as part of a project with Blekinge Business Incubator (BBI) aimed at developing and identifying new ideas within equestrian sports. This effort led us in 2024 to integrate former brands with new concepts and officially establish EIS as an active company. Our purpose is to offer a comprehensive product portfolio in the near future, reflecting our commitment to innovation and quality within the equestrian sports sector.

With Equi Innovation Sweden (EIS), Patrick and Ingela strive to continue their tradition of innovation and quality, dedicated to creating and delivering affordable, high-quality products to the equestrian market. However, they also recognize the need to listen to users and customers to develop tomorrow’s products. With EIS, Patrick and Ingela are determined to take their passion for equestrian sport to the next level, driven by a desire to contribute innovative solutions and products that meet the high expectations in the industry. EIS stands not only for quality and innovation but also for a deep love of the sport and a steadfast belief in sharing success.

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