Where passion for horses meets innovation.

New times require new ideas.

Welcome to Equi Innovation Sweden AB (EIS)

Discover the future of equestrian equipment with EIS, where passion for the sport meets innovation and quality. As founders of EIS, we have combined our extensive experience and love for horses with our users to create product lines that reflect our commitment to style and sustainability. With a strong focus on collaboration and quality, we not only offer products but a vision to improve and inspire the equestrian industry.

Our Idea

At Equi Innovation Sweden AB (EIS), we are passionate about collaboration and innovation. We want to work with you to turn your idea into a successful product on the market. With a customized strategy and a team of industry experts, we guide you from concept to launch, ensuring that each step reflects professionalism and quality.

We are here to support your vision, leverage our experience and network to maximize your product’s potential. Contact us to create the next generation of horse equipment together.

Our Products

At Equi Innovation Sweden AB (EIS), we prioritize quality and ethical product development. We take pride in offering innovative, high-performing products that are also sustainably and fairly produced. Each item in our range represents our dedication to superior quality and function, while upholding responsible manufacturing practices.

Our Brands

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